Wedding Garden is one expensive island builder on iPad

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Late last month, we brought you a preview of Game Insight's Wedding Garden, a tropical city-builder of sorts on iPad that allows players to rebuild a beach resort that has fallen into disrepair over time. Our heroes come in the form of a young couple that wishes to get married on the island, but can't without the proper resources. With our help, this resort can become beautiful and prosperous once more via the inclusion of animal stalls, factories, farmland and more.

Wedding Garden is an interesting game, as its cute and bright graphics instantly draw the player in, but its focus on premium currency or outright real money purchases is jarring to say the least (you'll be prompted to spend $15 to open a treasure chest within the first 60 seconds of playing). The game is setup in a series of cycles, as resources are produced in one location and then improved elsewhere to create a final product that can be sold for more coins than its raw materials. This leaves players in a constant waiting game, as they may need to wait for crops to grow initially, or wait for animals to eat the crops to produce eggs, horsehair and more. Other materials can be used in factories, like grapes that can be turned into wine or cocoa beans that can be turned into chocolate (as two examples). Throughout it all, you're either left to wait for each individual tasks to complete, with some taking hours at a time, or pay premium currency to skip tasks immediately.

Wedding Garden on iPad
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Wedding Garden is one expensive island builder on iPad

The game gives you plenty of chances to earn premium currency, but most of these opportunities revolve around spamming your Facebook or Twitter feeds with notifications to earn free gems. Without them, the game moves slowly. This is true even when you have active tasks to complete, as your two characters (the couple that wishes to get married on the island) walk at a snail's pace and usually won't interact with an item that they're standing right next to. Instead, you'll need to wait for the other character to walk all of the way across the island to complete the same task.

Wedding Garden is a cute game, although its character models look a bit odd, and it comes with plenty of sound cues that further the idea that you're still planning a wedding throughout it all. The game's quests will see you planning parties and helping wedding guests, and you can rarely find yourself in a moment of constant entertaining activity, but all of the waiting in between these hectic moments is a bit too much to bear. If you'd like to try Wedding Garden for yourself, you can now download the game for free on iPad.

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