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Far Cry 3GameZone brings you the complete walkthrough on Far Cry 3. Click on the links to be taken to the appropriate section and click the "Back to the top >" link to return to the top.

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Main Missions:
Make a Break for itGameZone
Down in Amanaki Town
Harvest The Jungle
Secure The Outpost
Mushrooms In The Deep
The Medusa's Call

Path of The Hunter:
Shotgun Hunt: Rabid Dogs

Trials of The Rakyat:
Hide and Seek

Wanted Dead Posters:
Poster 1
Poster 2

Island Racing League:
Bamboo Pass

Main Missions

Make a Break for it

After Vaas is done entertaining you, Grant takes initiative and gets out of the cage. Follow him out and crouch to avoid detection. You'll get the Detection Meter tutorial now, just hit the "esc" button when you see tutorials or info messages pop up because they give you some great information. Keep following Grant thru the place and do as he tells you. When you come into a room, he asks you to pick up the map. It's on the table so get near it and hold E -
Keep going and the next tutorial is that of distracting guards using stones. Hold T to aim and throw a rock which will distract a guard after which you can slip past them or after a little while - kill them. Next, you'll need to repeat the same thing with the next set of guards. Once you come to the exit, you'll meet Vaas -
Next thing you need to do is run like hell into the Jungle, keep going thru the obstacles and you'll soon run away from all the madness...

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Down in Anamaki Town
You'll meet Dennis - the closest person to a friend right now. He'll take you into town and give you some cash to buy weapons. Head into the store and buy the 1911 handgun. Go back to Dennis and follow him out of the village.
Dennis asks you to go to the radio tower and disable the scrambler on top of it. Head towards the tower on the path ahead and once you reach it, start you ascent. Just use the ladders and broken up gangway to get to the top till you come to the scrambler -
There are a total of 18 radio towers on the islands so you'll need to disable all of the scramblers thru the game. For now, hold near near this one to stop it and you'll get a cool 500XP for disabling the scrambler and activating the tower. Next, use the zip line here to get back to ground level -
Now, once you are back with Dennis, he tells you how things work. Open your map and a small section of it is now visible -
You can see the many things in this area now. Likewise, to view other sections of the map and to reveal it completely, you'll need to activate the other radio towers. After you activate a tower, you'll be able to see the routes clearly and also, you will see various animal symbols on the map which mark hunting regions for those animals - more on that in the "HUNTING" section of the guide.

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Harvest The Jungle

You'll now set a waypoint to the Boar icon on the map. Once you come out of the map, you'll be able to see the waypoint on your screen. You just need to follow it to get to the location. Grab the car nearby and take it to the waypoint. Once you reach the hunting grounds you'll need to -

Kill and Skin two Boars
Collect three types of Plant Leaves

Animal skins and Plant leaves are two of the most important things in the game next to your weapons. They help you build your inventory and leaves allow you to craft potent syringes which make you stronger and better in many different ways. You'll know the recipes of new types of syringes as you complete the main missions. You will also see the color of plants marked on your minimap as you move thru the world. This way, you can just go to one of them and gather the leaves. Collect all the leaves and kill the Boar and skin it. You may need to move around a bit to get the leaves so just look around.

After you gather all the stuff open your map and double click on the fast travel icon which is on the Amanaki Village. Once back move out of the house and talk to Dennis. Then open the Crafting menu and craft the medicine syringe and then open the skills menu and use the points you have to get skills of your choice (unlock the TAKEDOWN skill first). More skill unlock as you complete certain tasks or progress thru the game.

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Secure The Outpost

The next mission is a tutorial which deals with securing outposts. There are a total of 34 outposts in the islands. Once you secure an outpost, it will act as a fast travel location and safe house. Also, various missions and tasks are unlocked on notice boards and such once each outpost is liberated and a store is also made available at each location. Once you move to the outpost stay crouched and note that you will get 500 XP for each outpost freed, 550XP of no alarm was triggered and 1500XP if you liberated the outpost without being detected - you can do this once you unlock the takedown skill - you'll just need to move close to a pirate without him seeing you and then hit F to silent kill him. Anyway, for now just concentrate on kill the enemies in the outpost and it will be liberated. This will open a Path of the Hunter quest (many many more to follow) -
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Mushrooms in the Deep

As you get quests, you will need to travel from one area of the map to the other and this is when you may need to go into an uncovered territory. So, whenever you find the necessity to go into the uncovered territory, first go to the radio tower of that territory and activate it and only then get to the mission. If you ask me, I'd tell you to even liberate the outposts so that you get new side-mission and you can complete the main and side missions of an area at a single time. After you do what you want to, go to Earnhardt's Mansion and then into the greenhouse to meet with the doc -
After you speak to him, move into the house and go upstairs to find Daisy. She not in a great position to say hello so let's move on with the mission. The Doc asks you to get him some shrooms to fix an antidote for Daisy. He points you to the entrance of a cave so go ahead and jump into the water and dive thru it to reach the cave. Then you'll come to some vines which you need to climb - just move near them and you will climb onto them automatically like ladders -
The next few minutes will be spent in a state of where Jason gets stoned. Anyway, after a bit of walking around, you'll come to the mushrooms. Just grab them and head back to the mansion to fix Daisy up for good.

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The Medusa's Call

Avoid detection and use stealth to kill the radio operators and get their intel.

Throughout this mission you should be using your camera and marking the targets ahead. The ones marked with the yellow icon are the radio operators who have the intel which we are looking for. Kill the first on ahead -
Just move close behind them and take them down. The first guard is in front of the ship and there are two or three more to the right side of the ship. After you kill them, loot them to get their intel and climb the ship from the right using the ramp -
Go up all the way to the control room and grab the papers here. Once you come out a huge firing squad is waiting for you so be careful. Move back out and to the right of where you are and pick out enemies one by one if they use the stairs to come to you.
Once you survive the ambush, you'll finish the quest.

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Path of The Hunter

Shotgun Hunt: Rabid Dogs

Head to the location shown on your map and take the shotgun from the stash. Go to the checkpoint shown and you should see the dogs or at least hear them. Move close to them - they may attack you so think quick and kill all three. Gather their skin and use it or sell it.

Trials of the Rakyat

Hide and Seek

-- Gather 306 points or more

You'll see the different ways to get points once you start this -
The best way to do this is to do takedowns on all of your targets. Move behind them and hit the takedown button to kill them. More keep coming - always stay crouched and move behind them - you can also walk or run to get close to them but this will create noise and you may be spotted so do that only if there's a single enemy around. Walking creates lesser noise than running and crouching creates almost no noise. You may need to do this a couple of time to get the top score if you are playing on high difficulties.

Wanted Dead Posters

Poster 1

-- A Pirate is poaching animals near some hot springs. Follow Rakyat tradition and kill him with a knife.
Head to the location marked and you will see the pirates ahead - take out your cam using Z and look at the pirates and this will auto mark them and you will see an icon on top of them while playing - this will make it much easier to spot them -
Best way to go about this one is to stay crouched and take down each one of them - you can also kill the others anyway and takedown or melee attack the leader so do it anyway you want to but you need to kill the guy with a knife to pass the quest.

Poster 2

This one is to the right from Amanaki Town -
It's similar to the first one.

Island Racing League

Bamboo Pass

1:10 to win the highest wager - practice first a couple of times if you need to and get the needed time after making the expert wager.

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