The Oregon Trail: American Settler celebrates Christmas with Lady Antebellum

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While famous country music artists and mobile games may not instantly seem like a perfect pair, Gameloft and Capital Records Nashville have made it work this Christmas season as Lady Antebellum has been introduced to players in The Oregon Trail: American Settler on iOS and Android.

This event starts after a simple game update that introduces the Concert Hall to the game. You'll need to tap on a character to activate a quest, and can then place the Concert Hall for coins. This Hall serves as a hub for Lady Antebellum's content, which comes in the form of YouTube videos publicizing the group's new Christmas CD.

"Gameloft prides itself on being able to offer its partners a way to engage users within our games' via a holistic experience that combines all facets of a brand's universe in a coherent and motivational way," said Baudouin Corman, VP of Publishing for the Americas, via a company release. "Given that Lady Antebellum is one of the most popular groups currently out there, we are thrilled to be able to work with the band to not only bring them a new channel to promote their new holiday album, but simultaneously bring our players a high-quality experience that further immerses them into the western frontier as well."

In addition to this musical cross-promotion, players can also play the game on a snow-covered homestead, can complete a series of Christmas-themed quests, and even decorate the homestead with themed buildings and decorations. Just make sure to download this update fast, as Christmas will be here before you know it.

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