Finally, romp around as Pitfall Harry in Pitfall! on iOS for free

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Pitfall! iOSWhen Activision and developer The Blast Furnace first revisited Atari classic Pitfall!, they opted to charge a price for it. As it turns out, perhaps not as many folks as the two would have liked were into dropping some coin upfront. With that, the duo has updated its take on the retro platformer for a free-to-play model. Well, it's about dang time.

Resembling a horizontal take on Temple Run, the new Pitfall! sees players commandeering Pitfall Harry through winding jungle paths on foot, on rope and even on bike, dispatching enemies along the way to some interesting cel-shaded visuals. In the game, players run endlessly (see what we did there) to escape an erupting volcano, collecting special Macaw Coins along the way.

It was already an interesting response to the perhaps saturated endless runner genre, but the allure of "free" makes it all the more appealing. If you've been holding out on revisiting a classic franchise, now's the time to give it a go.

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