Zynga CEO nearly tears up in discussions about turnaround

Zynga CEO Mark PincusEven if you're not into the trading world, you would know that, with one look at its stock price, Zynga is in bad shape. Company CEO and co-founder Mark Pincus is well aware of the troubles that Zynga faces--so much so that he sat in on a meeting set up by Zynga investor Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers with Apple director Bill Campbell, according to The Wall Street Journal.

As you can already imagine, the meeting was set with the goal of helping Pincus become a stronger CEO, and to discuss ways to turn Zynga around. According to The Wall Street Journal, Campbell said that the Zynga chief was near tears during the discussions. Amid a massive shake-up of its executive team that the FarmVille house is just recovering from now, the company looks at a paltry $2.21 stock price (as of this writing) compared with its $10 debut last December.

One of the strategies that Zynga has employed over the past few months is a mobile one. Just recently Zynga has launched Ruby Blast on iOS, which connects with its Facebook counterpart, and teased an upcoming hardcore action game for mobile devices, Battlestone. But will these moves toward a more connected mobile game experience be enough to get Zynga back in the black, so to speak? That remains to be seen, but we seriously doubt Zynga will go down with out a fight.

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