Candy Crush Saga maker unveils Pet Rescue Saga for Facebook

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Pet Rescue Saga Facebook
Surprise: It's yet another variation on developer's winning match-3 formula. Available now on Facebook, Pet Rescue Saga sees players matching like-colored blocks with adorable pets perched atop. Clear the columns underneath the pets, and the critters will gently fall to the ground, scurry off to the side and provide huge boosts of bonus points.

Pet Rescue Saga screensOf course, the main object of the game is completion. While it may seem impossible at first, you can, in fact, clear every block from each level ... if you plan carefully. Like most Facebook games from, players also navigate a game board that displays their friends' positions and scores, allowing them to lend a hand with a gift. Game-changing boosts are also in place to help players nab those three-star scores.

What might help distinguish Pet Rescue Saga from the rest of's "Saga" games is it presentation. This could very well be the most gorgeous game from the developer yet, complete with 3D animated characters and flashy particle effects across its over 50 levels at launch. Within those 50 levels are five to 10 different styles of match-3 block puzzles to master.

"Pet Rescue Saga is an extremely fun game with a great deal of depth in terms of production value and puzzle challenges. It is likely our trickiest game yet – you really need to plan ahead to move through each level," CEO and co-founder Riccardo Zacconi said in a release. "It's also one of our most creative Sagas to date with animated pets, squirrels with skateboards and a playing environment with a 3D feel."
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