Curator Love: Stormy Weather

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Curator Love: Stormy Weather
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Curator Love: Stormy Weather

Photo Credit: Kailanis Korner

Photo Credit: Kailanis Korner

Photo Credit: Kailanis Korner

Photo Credit:


The weather this past weekend was just what the doctor ordered. As much as I love tanning on the beach, some weekends just call for a good old rainy day snuggled in bed. A miserable rainy day is of course complimented by a good TV show, a variety of drinks (coffee/water/OJ) and cozy sweats. Feeling under the weather is never fun but, when you're feeling icky and tired, a rainy weekend is the perfect remedy & medicine (well... mental medicine).

The rain always forces me to sit back and slow down. I came down with a little bug over the weekend so I decided to hang around the house and cross off several items on my fall to-do list. After a long strenuous week at school it felt nice to lay low. On Friday and Saturday I sat in bed for the majority of the day and watched Homeland's entire first season (I'm obsessed). Sunday morning I woke up to the sound of rain. I knew that Sunday was going to be a lazy day, but since I had been home all weekend I decided to get out of the house. When I finally decided to leave the house, I was excited to be able to throw on my fall attire. Mia and I enjoyed a hot bowl of clam chowder by the beach. Steamy hot soup, in a bread bowl, was just what we needed to complete our first major fall weekend.

Photo Credit: Kailanis Korner

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