Facebook Game Face-off: The Hardest of the Core Round 1

Facebook Game Face-off hardcore
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Hardcore Facebook games, or social games targeting the traditional "gamer", haven't become a bit of a trend. They are the trend these days. It seems that, if a company isn't built around the concept of core-focused social games (i.e. Kixeye, Kabam et al), then big leaguers like Playdom, Zynga and even Insomniac Games are looking to get into the mix.

With that, welcome to the next installment of Facebook Game Face-off: The Hardest of the Core. Now, don't vote based upon which of these eight gems is most difficult, but which is most "hardcore", meaning which offers an experience closest to the games they've come to know and love on PC and console.
Dungeon Rampage Outernauts

Dungeon Rampage vs. Outernauts

First up are two newbies to this corner of the space, Rebel Entertainment and Insomniac Games. The former has crafted an action RPG akin to Diablo that sends players romping through dungeons in real time, complete with explosive special abilities and screen-shaking Dungeon Busters. Outernauts, on the other hand, is more cerebral affair with a turn-based battle system and a focus on exploration and the all-powerful "gotta catch 'em all" hook.

Robot Rising Empires & Allies

Robot Rising vs. Empires & Allies

Next in the ring are publishers that, oddly enough, are attacking the other's respective market. Tencent's Boston studio has come out swinging in the U.S. with a full 3D action RPG centered around mechanized war mechs, with plenty of explosive, deadly weapons to master. In the other corner is our ringer for this competition, Zynga's only try at hardcore social games with a turn-based strategy game featuring all sorts of tanks, troops, battleships and aerial assault.

War Commander Dragons of Atlantis

War Commander vs. Dragons of Atlantis

Welcome to the clash of the titans. Kixeye and Kabam, two developers that have butted heads more than a few times before, have their flagship games going head-to-head in round one of this competition. The former has a more realistic strategy game complete with real-time battles and gobs of gore. The latter sees players wield the power of mighty dragons in battles of pure scope. Both are interesting, no doubt, but which is more ... hardcore?

Marvel Avengers Alliance Dungeon Blitz

Dungeon Blitz vs. Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Newcomers to the social gaming space, Blue Mammoth Games, are up against one of the biggest and baddest players in the biz, Disney Playdom. With an impressive side scrolling action RPG that sees players going at it against all sorts of evil in real time, Blue Mammoth is quite the contender. However, it's up against one of the most popular games in the category, featuring some of the most recognizable characters in the gaming world.

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