The Ville: Celebrate Halloween with limited edition tricks and treats

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The Halloween items theme continues to expand in The Ville's marketplace this week, as new limited edition items have been released that will be available for the next 23 days. We're here with a complete look at these new items, with most thankfully being available to purchase with regular (free) coins. Let's get started!

Dearly Departed William
  • Costs: 9 Ville Cash
  • Home Value: $2,200
  • Pays Out: 100 coins

Iron Spider Fence
  • Costs: 5 Ville Cash per piece
  • Home Value: $2,200

Iron Cobweb Fence
  • Costs: 5 Ville Cash per piece
  • Home Value: $2,200

Yorick's Candlestick
  • Costs: 4 Ville Cash
  • Home Value: $1,100

Sugar Sweet Wallpaper
  • Costs: 10 coins per panel
  • Home Value: $10

Spiced Candy Wallpaper
  • Costs: 10 coins per panel
  • Home Value: $10

Single Gothic Taper
  • Costs: 250 coins
  • Home Value: $275

Short Gothic Tapers
  • Costs: 300 coins
  • Home Value: $330

Witches' Broom
  • Costs: 325 coins
  • Home Value: $360

Uncle Waxhead
  • Costs: 350 coins
  • Home Value: $385

Orange Peppermint
  • Costs: 350 coins
  • Home Value: $385

Tall Gothic Tapers
  • Costs: 500 coins
  • Home Value: $550

Anitra's Striped Socks
  • Costs: 1,250 coins
  • Home Value: $1,375

Again, these items will only be available for 23 more days. Sure, that gives you plenty of time to purchase them, but there's always the possibility that other items could be released as well, making these harder to "spot" in the store. Make sure you shop fast to not lose track.

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What do you think of these new Halloween themed items in the Ville marketplace? Will you purchase any of them for your virtual dream home? Sound off in the comments!
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