ChefVille: Create your own Mexican Restaurant with new themed decor

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If your restaurant in ChefVille could use a new change of scenery, or you're still using the starting walls and floors but want something new, you can now purchase some items in a new Mexican Restaurant item pack. This pack contains many coin items, along with some that cost Chef Cash, but when combined correctly, even a few of the cheapest items can have the greatest impact. Here's a complete look at the new items that have been released in the store!

Mexican Fountain - 40 Chef Cash
Mexican Sign - 250 coins
Mexican Lamp - 250 coins
Cactus - 1,000 coins
Mexican Plant - 100 coins
Royal Golden Anchor - 20,000 coins
Mexican Divider - 250 coins
Mexican Statue - 5,000 coins

Mexican Flag - 10 Chef Cash
Mexican Stone Archway - 2,500 coins
Mexican Rustic Window - 300 coins
Mexican Tall Window - 350 coins
Mexican Terracotta Half Wall - 25 coins
Mexican Terracotta Half Wall Corner - 25 coins
Mexican Terracotta Wall - 25 coins
Mexican Rustic Yellow Half Wall - 30 coins

Mexican Rustic Yellow Half Wall Corner - 30 coins
Mexican Rustic Yellow Wall - 30 coins
Mexican Mosaic Half Wall - 7 Reputation Hearts
Mexican Mosaic Half Wall Corner - 7 Reputation Hearts
Mexican Mosaic Wall - 7 Reputation Hearts
Mexican Doorway - 500 coins
Stainless Steel Half Wall - 100 coins
Stainless Steel Half Wall Corner - 100 coins

Stainless Steel Wall - 100 coins
Subway Tile Wall - 150 coins
Stainless Steel Pot Rack - 200 coins
Copper Pot Rack - 250 coins
Mexican Neon Cowboy - 10 Chef Cash
Mexican Neon Chili Pepper - 10 Chef Cash
Mexican Iron Sun - 500 coins
Mexican Sombrero - 750 coins

Mexican Flag Banner - 5 Chef Cash
Mexican Painting - 500 coins
Mexican Taco Painting - 500 coins
Mexican Wall Pots - 450 coins
Mexican Wall Planter - 450 coins
Rubber Mat Tile - 3 Reputation Hearts
Mexican Terracotta Tile - 50 coins
Mexican Rustic Tile - 55 coins

As you can see, there are dozens of new items with which to completely transform your restaurant, even if you choose to save your Chef Cash for other things. Remember, you can easily find these items by checking under the "New!" heading in the Decorations section of the store.

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Will you take the chance to transform your restaurant into a Mexican restaurant in ChefVille, or are you waiting for another kind of "specific" theme to come out? Sound off in the comments!
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