Om nom nom: Three great iOS games to honor the 25th Shark Week

Shark Week
For starters, we'll just get this out of our system: Dude, it's Shark Week! In fact, this is the 25th annual Shark Week on Discovery Channel, so it's worth getting excited about. But admit it: You rarely watch TV without an iPhone or iPad in your hand. (That is, if you own one.) So, why not make your second screen experience topical with some of the best shark-themed iOS games that the App Store has to offer? Cue the following quick bite of a list:
Jaws Revenge
JAWS Revenge
A sequel to the hit iOS game developed by Fuse Powered Inc, this new shark simulator (for lack of a better word) allows players to live out their dreams of finally being a great white, terrorizing everything from yachts to pirate ships. Just press and release to make the carnage happen.
Shark Dash
Shark Dash
Want a more adorable take on the whole shark sensation? Then give Gameloft's physics puzzler a go. The idea is to get all of the rubber duckies in each level to go bye-bye in as few jumps as possible. All the while, you're expected to collect all the coins each level has to offer. Never thought you'd see a do-gooder shark, huh?
Shark Wars
Shark Wars
Well, think again. Based on the hit kids novel series, Penguin Group presents the official iOS game. As fans of the books might expect, players control protagonists Gray and Barkley in their efforts to protect their clan from its enemies and other fellow predators, like killer crabs and the rivals of Razor Shiver. This sounds interesting even if you aren't a fan.

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