It's Shark Week's 25th anniversary and Gameloft has just the game to celebrate

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The quirky cultural phenomenon that is Shark Week kicks off August 12, but this seven-day event will be like no other. This is the 25th Anniversary of the hallowed Shark Week and in honor of the occasion, mobile game maker Gameloft has partnered with Discover Channel and WildAid to release a shark-themed game, Shark Dash for iOS and Android. Players will have the option, from inside the game, to donate money to WildAid, which is an organization designed to protect the ocean's greatest hunters.

Shark Dash is a physics-based puzzler involves slinging a toy shark, named ... wait for it ... Sharkee, through a series of obstacles, gobbling up rubber ducks and coins along the way. The game has 96 levels in all, which get progressively more challenging, and there's a free ad-supported version of a game, as well as a for-cash version of the game (which is free for a limited time).

Shark Dash is very much in the same vein of Angry Birds, right down to the strange storyline about mischievous rubber ducks shark-napping Sharkee's girlfriend. For your own sanity, it's best not to analyze the plot too much and focus on flinging the shark, beating your high score and earning enough coins to upgrade your shark and his pals in the in-game store.

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Speaking of the in-game store, that's where you go if you want to donate some cash to WildAid. Click on the WildAid icon (see image above) and you'll be directed to the organization's official site. If you check out this trailer below, you'll get a closer look at how this group protects sharks. Some of the footage is pretty grim, so consider yourself warned.

So, back to the game -- Shark Dash might not be the most original game that you'll download to your mobile device, but it's still a fun, well-crafted game to play when you're commuting, standing on line or at the dinner table (or any other situation where it's socially questionable to play a game).

Have you had it with Angry Birds style games? Or is there always room for more? Sound off in the comments below.
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