Amazing Alex looks to amass downloads on iOS and Android today

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Amazing Alex launch
The time has come for Rovio to prove its mettle. Can it create not one, but two immensely addictive and successful game franchises? That's the question that everyone looks to have answered with Amazing Alex, the Angry Birds creator's Rube Goldbergian puzzler that just launched for iOS and Android devices.

Some might think that it's kind of cheating, considering this is a re-branding of Casey's Contraptions. (Though, judging from the look of it, this is a serious re-branding.) This is a far departure from Angry Birds regardless, seeing players building elaborate puzzles rather than finding unique ways of breaking them down.
Amazing Alex on iOS and Android
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Amazing Alex looks to amass downloads on iOS and Android today
Plus, this is the first time Rovio has introduced a seriously social element to a mobile game, allowing players to share their own levels with the Amazing Alex community at large. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see whether Amazing Alex has its own, well, Angry Birds moment. But that's up to you, really, now isn't it?

Click here to download Amazing Alex on iPhone for $.99 and here on Android for Free Now >

Are you psyched to try out Amazing Alex? Will this be as wildly successful as Angry Birds? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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