Dungeon Rampage on Facebook: Facebook's glorious Diablo moment

Dungeon Rampage review
It's like Castle Crashers and Diablo came together to make one beautiful baby. And it's on Facebook ... meaning it's free to play. That's essentially Dungeon Rampage, developer Rebel Entertainment's debut social game, in a nutshell. Currently in open beta (otherwise known as "live"), this social dungeon crawler delivers what we've craved: a Diablo-like experience on Facebook.

Rebel achieved this all the while managing to craft an experience that feels genuine. Maybe it's the cartoon-like art style and animations. Or perhaps it's the trademark, explosive Dungeon Buster abilities given to each of the game's six playable classes (with three more on the way). It's both of those things and much more, all wrapped in a real-time, action-packed multiplayer package that will leave players wanting more.
Dungeon Rampage on Facebook
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Dungeon Rampage on Facebook: Facebook's glorious Diablo moment
All players begin Dungeon Rampage as the Berserker, an ax or hammer-wielding warrior with heavy defenses, but with low attack power and slow movement speed as a trade-off. It's with this fine fellow that you'll learn the ropes of combat, which ultimately boils down to clicking ... a lot and switching between weapons using the "Z", "X" and "C" keys. As players mow down enemy knights, lions, yetis, etc, they'll build up a Berserk meter, which when activated unleashes a devastating ability.

Come to think of it, no game will likely leave you wanting to press the "B" key again more than Dungeon Rampage. This game is all about style. The moments when the camera zooms in on your character and shakes just as he unleashes a charged attack or lets loose a Dungeon Buster simply make you feel all-powerful, like an unstoppable force. Name a Facebook game currently on the market that can do that.
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It's not the insatiable lust for loot--while there is a bit of that, too--à la Diablo that will keep you coming back, but the novelty of taking the fight to hordes of monsters with your buddies as if you were all in an action flick together. That said, Dungeon Rampage could stand to benefit from a little more of that loot-driven feedback if it wants to amass a horde of daily players. At the moment, a maximum of three pieces of loot are randomly distributed to each player, and there aren't that many pieces total. (Each weapon does offer a unique charged attack, though.)

With four worlds worth of dungeons to conquer and six classes to master (each with their own sets of attributes to allocate), this dungeon crawler certainly has enough style substance to match its style, but for how long? The question is especially relevant considering most of the available classes will cost players as much as $4 to play with. While the horizon looks a bit hazy for Dungeon Rampage this early in its life, the here-and-now is one helluva good time that is not to be missed.
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