Man's best friend joins Barry Steakfries in Jetpack Joyride

About a month ago, Halfbrick released the massive gadget update for Jetpack Joyride, allowing you unlock and combine gadgets on each of your runs, with these gadgets allowing you to defy gravity, put on some x-ray specs and more. Now, an additional set of gadgets has launched alongside a new game update this evening, bringing with it man's best friend!

That's right, the scientists at Legitimate Research have created a robot dog named Flash for Barry, our in-game hero, to use as a gadget. Flash will run alongside Barry, collecting coins and tokens and generally adding to the mayhem of the game. Each of the vehicles has been upgraded to allow Flash to accompany Barry therein, such as a sidecar being attached on the Bad As Hog motorcycle. Flash costs 8,500 coins to purchase in the Stash.

Two other gadgets include the "Dezapinator," priced at 6,500 coins, that causes zappers to fail as you approach them, and the Turbo Boost, which causes boost rings to spawn in the game in front of you. As you fly through these rings, nearby zappers fail to activate, making this one even better! It costs 7,000 coins to add to your gadget collection.

This update to Version 1.3.5 also includes a set of "DJ Headphones" for 18,000 coins. After you purchase them (so long as Barry is wearing them), the game's theme music will be a dubstep remix.

This newest Jetpack Joyride update is now available to download on iPhone and iPad for free.

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Have you already tried out any of these new gadgets? What do you think of Flash the Dog? Sound off in the comments.
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