Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers Fig Tree: Everything you need to know

We've finally made it! We've reached the final scene of the Chimpanzee event in Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers, which is called Fig Tree. This scene will only be available to unlock for the next few days, so make sure to ask your friends for as many bandages as possible to have a chance at unlocking it yourself. Since we're being timed, we're with a fast guide to show you this scene's many items, so that you can stand a great chance of earning all of its mastery leaves. Let's get started!

Red = Chimps

Blue = Butterflies

Pink = Birds

There might still be a few spawn locations that we haven't pictured above, as the game generates the locations of all 12 animals randomly each time you play. If we come across any additional spawn locations for these animals, we'll make sure to let you know.

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Have you unlocked this final scene in the Chimpanzee event, or are you still trying to heal the Chimpanzees in your preserve to unlock it? Sound off in the comments.
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