Finally, bug your friends with trivia, thanks to A Google a Day update

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A Google a DayA Google a Day, the trivia game that actually wants you to use Google, is next in line to weather the Google+ storm. The giant search company announced on its Inside Search blog today that A Google a Day is now available on its own social network. Now players can share their best times and even challenge their friends to timed bouts of googling prowess. (And yes, "googling" is technically a verb.)

The trivia game is quite simple for the uninitiated: Each day, A Google a Day presents the player with a riddle or question, inviting the player to use Google to find the answer as quickly as possible. And that's about it. But now, Google's game made out of its primary function offers friend-filled leader boards and the ability to post other accomplishments on Google+.

We hope to see Google invest more in its own games and game platforms, rather than third parties, and especially those surrounding its own products. (Take the upcoming Play Your World game using Google Maps, for instance.) We guess you could consider this gamification in the purest sense--you know, making real games from things that aren't traditionally games?

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[Via The Next Web]

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