Here's why Song Pop is the next Draw Something

Draw Something's monumental rise (and now fall) in popularity on iPhone and iPad was something to behold (so much so that it inspired Zynga to drop a load of cash for the game and developer OMGPop), which has instantly sparked a wave of games on the iTunes app store looking to capitalize on the pick-up-and-play success of the title. While Freshplanet's Song Pop may not be a drawing game, it has the same instant appeal of playing with friends or complete strangers as you test your knowledge of popular music past and present.

The game's premise is simple, and sees you challenging friends or random opponents to answering quick multiple choice questions relating to the artist or song titles of real-world song clips that play in groups (with iTunes integration). While the gameplay is different, the menu setup is incredibly similar to that of Draw Something, in that you'll get to choose from a variety of genres or playlists before challenging an opponent, similar to how you'd choose from three words to draw for another player. A set of five songs will play, and you'll be asked to answer either the artist's name or the name of the song with multiple choices to choose from. The quicker you answer these questions (if you're correct), the more points you'll score, and guessing multiple songs in a row successfully will rack up combo points into the tens of thousands.

On the other player's turn, they'll try to guess the same five songs as you in a faster time or with an overall higher score. This adds a true element of challenge and competition to the game, as Song Pop will keep track of your wins and losses in tournaments that reset every few days. If you win a challenge, you'll earn three coins (if you lose, you'll receive only one), with coins allowing you to unlock additional playlists and genres of songs. These are necessary, as the song choices in the standard genres (80's, Today's Hits, 90's Alternative, etc.) repeat over time, lessening the challenge.

Song Pop on iOS
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Here's why Song Pop is the next Draw Something

With the ability to have dozens of active games at once, and the inclusion of high quality music clips, this is a fast-paced, stressful music trivia game that is definitely worth its free download. There are no ads to get in the way, and you can easily add your real friends to the mix via Facebook or email invites. Will Song Pop explode on the iTunes app store as quickly as Draw Something? That remains to be seen, but the high gameplay quality and potential for addiction are definitely there.

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