In Ice Age Online, you will be one of many sloths this summer

Ice Age OnlineIt's not exactly the most heroic of Ice Age's prehistoric critters, but what else would you play as, a mammoth? Fox and German free-to-play (F2P) game maker Bigpoint (who's no stranger to branded online games) have joined forces to create Ice Age Online. Set to release this July alongside the fourth film in the series, the game will be a F2P social browser game.

Truth be told, the fact that Ice Age saw two more movies with a fourth one on the way is news enough, but both Fox and Bigpoint have a bunch of details to reveal about the upcoming branded game. In Ice Age Online, players will assume the role of one of many customizable sloths that has found a home for the herd to live as it tries to survive the end of the Ice Age.

Of course, said herd gets lost along the way, and it's up to players to find and rescue the various mammals with the help of their friends. The Unity-based game will be separated into two modes: Adventure and Compete. The former will see players gathering construction materials, like wood, flowers, coconuts, and mud, from key locations in the series including the upcoming Ice Age: Continental Drift to build camps for the lost critters to live in.

The latter mode, as the name implies, will see players' sloths go head-to-head in special levels that they unlock in Adventure mode using each character's unique strengths. (In this game, we guess, sloths will have specialties.) Players will get to visit their friends' camps, challenge them to bouts in Compete mode and compare their progress through leader boards. To learn more about this sloth soiree and to sign up for news updates, click here.

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