Game of the Day: Papa's Pizzeria

See how well you can run Papa's Pizzeria's for today's Game of the Day when Papa Louie decides to take a sudden vacation and leave you behind as a one-man operation. Take orders, hang them on the order line, make pizzas, pick out ingredients, bake pizzas, slice them, and take them to your customers. If they love what you do, you'll receive tips and get to level up. If they don't or you mess up an order, then you'll get zilch.

A good memory is essential here if you want to work fast. Customers will show up one at a time, but only when you say you're ready. Each customer you've got will issue you a pizza order, which you'll be toggling and moving around a lot so you can keep track of which pizza pie you're currently working on. It's possible to make the right pizza, but end up pairing it with the wrong order ticket, leading to upset customers. Running a pizza joint is harder than it looks, but if you're up to the challenge, then Papa's Pizzeria is a fun way to do it.

Play Papa's Pizzeria!

What's the most customers you've ever juggled in one round of Papa's Pizzeria?
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