Did Meteor Games quietly terminate Island Paradise on Facebook?

Fans of Meteor Games' Facebook outing Island Paradise have been greeted with some potentially heartbreaking news this weekend, as Island Paradise looks to have been shut down. In attempting to load the game now, existing users and new players alike will receive errors on Facebook as the game fails to load. There doesn't appear to have been an announcement from Meteor of the game officially closing, so this could just be a lengthy technical issue, but that doesn't necessarily seem likely.

After the company faced layoffs in December, Island Paradise stopped received regular updates, and the game's Facebook fan page is now full of players who are expecting the worst. In trying to access the game's forums, or any Meteor Games forum for that matter, those too look to have been wiped. For the record, the company's website still lists Island Paradise as an active game, but then again, Neopets: Treasure Keepers is also listed, and that one went the way of the dodo last December.

Ultimately, the game's inability to load and the disappearance of the game's forums could be a coincidence, as we've heard no official announcement from Meteor on the matter. One would expect the company to make a statement about a potential Island Paradise closure, even if only as a measure of respect for the users that supported the game (often with their wallets) before actually pulling the plug. As it stands though, things don't look good for the future of the game, but we've reached out to Meteor for comment.

Editor's Note: Special thanks to the readers that brought this issue to our attention.

Have you been able to get into your Island Paradise game lately? Have you received any emails or other notification from Meteor explaining what's going on? Do you think the game is gone for good, or is this all just a series of coincidences? Sound off in the comments.
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