Celebrate Easter with Gardens of Time's Spring Eggstravaganza chapter

If you've been saving up Gold for future use in Gardens of Time on Facebook, why not take a look at the new Spring Eggstravaganza premium chapter that has been released in the game? This chapter comes with three limited edition scenes and the ability to win five exclusive items that are only available with a purchase (and repeatedly playing those new scenes, of course).

The chapter costs 76 Gold, but for that price, you'll unlock a quaint Barnyard scene (which gives you a grazing cow as a prize), a Jeweled Egg Shop scene (which gives you a building that matches the jeweled egg design) and a Dutch Windmill scene that gives you, you guessed it, a Dutch Windmill for your Garden.

If you can earn four-star mastery on each of these three scenes, you'll also win a special Animal Barn item for your Garden that, again, isn't available anywhere else (as of this writing). Playdom lists these items with a total value of 280 Gold, but you'll save by purchasing the chapter now for 76 Gold. That's still almost $20 US for a single chapter, so you'll need to decide whether these limited edition Spring and Easter items are worth the investment. Just make sure to decide fast, as this chapter will only be available for the next 11 days.

What do you think of this premium new chapter? Will you pay the Gold to unlock it? How many coins would you pay to unlock it instead? Sound off in the comments.
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