DoubleDown Casino welcomes American Idol in odd new cross-promotion

On second thought, maybe it really isn't that odd. If you've ever been to Las Vegas, or spent any time in a proper casino, you've likely come across the dozens, if not hundreds of branded slot machines, representing all sorts of popular television shows, movies and games. It should really come as no surprise then, that DoubleDown Casino has received another new branded slot machine of its own on Facebook.

This newest cross-promotion gives American Idol its very own slot machine with some pretty high stakes. You can play in four "modes," ranging from $500 per line to $45,000 per line (all in the game's virtual chips, of course). The game itself is themed appropriately, with pictures of potential American Idols that can be customized to your tastes (that is, if you liked certain contestants from the show more than others, you can have them on your wheels as they spin). You'll also be able to listen to the show's theme song as you play or a selection of classic pop songs.

Even on the $500 machine, a single spin on this American Idol machine will set you back $10,000 chips, so I hope you've been saving up. Luckily, you can receive $50,000 in free chips by keeping an eye on your email (if you've subscribed to the game's email list) so why not try to turn that into much more on this brand new machine?

Are you excited to see an American Idol branded slot machine come to DoubleDown Casino? What other sorts of shows or brands would you like to see given their own machines? Sound off in the comments.
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