Command your village of followers in The Tribez on iPad

Last month, we brought you a sneak preview of Game Insight's The Tribez on iOS, which has now launched as a free to play village builder on iTunes. If the game's graphics, sound effects, music and gameplay seem at all familiar to you, it's because they're ripped straight from Jack of All Tribes, another game from developer Divo Games. Jack of All Tribes was a time management game that had you jumping back in time via a roller coaster, landing in this primitive world where the village people (again, too easy) think you're their king, but here, you've instead been sent through a portal to an alternate dimension (where you'll also be seen as the village's ruler from the prophecies).

These slight variations make for a comfortable transition for those that played Jack of All Tribes, but they also create an incredibly charming and cute city-builder for those that are just jumping in. The graphics are crisp, bright and full of tons of clever animations and the soundtrack is fairly calming, while still remaining tropical.

Gameplay sees you constructing homes, with each home offering you an additional worker for your village. While there's no true energy system to speak of, many of your actions will be limited to how many workers you have available to complete them, along with various required resources like food, wood or stone. You'll collect more of these items by farming, chopping down trees or mining stone, with some of these actions being instant, and others requiring you to wait a few minutes or hours to collect your profits.

The Tribez on iOS
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Command your village of followers in The Tribez on iPad

You'll have a detailed quest system to complete along the way, introducing you to some of the game's decorative and cultural items, and you'll eventually be able to play the game with friends via upcoming social features. As it stands, you can currently pass out your unique friend identification code to other players on the game's official Facebook fan page in anticipation of this launch, and can add your own friends in the same way, but the specifics of the game's actual social mechanics are unknown as of this writing.

Ultimately, The Tribez doesn't really do anything new in terms of general gameplay mechanics, but it's one of the most highly polished and charming titles in the genre. If you're at all interested in building a tropical, primitive town of your own, make sure to download this one for free on your iPad.

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Have you tried The Tribez on your iPad? Did you also happen to play Jack of All Tribes? What do you think of this cute little city-builder? Sound off in the comments.
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