Twitter smarts will help you avoid this Draw Something scam

Draw Something Darth VaderThe funny thing about scammers is, 90 percent of the time, they hide in plain sight. For instance, Sophos's security blog Naked Security reports that a scammers have taken to Twitter to scam Draw Something players. This is an interesting one, given that most game-related scams we hear about occur on Facebook, but luckily easy to see through.

When players tweet about Draw Something, that attracts--with what we imagine is an automated program--the scammers to tweet at your account with a message that reads, "Your a lucky Prize Winner! @johnsmith [or whatever your name is]." The website link on the profile leads to a website that asks for your personal information, of course stealing it and likely selling it to advertisers or something.

However, there are telltale signs that it's a scam. Namely, take a good look at the actual Twitter handle underneath the name. If it doesn't read "@omgpop", "@zynga" or "@drawsomething", then it's a fake. Plain and simple. Plus, the majority of these scam messages have terrible spelling, for the grammar nerds out there. So, just be smart about your Twitter usage, and you should be a-OK--just don't expect this to be the last you see.
Draw Something scam
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[Image Credit: Sophos]

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