Silent Nights: The Pianist: A getting started guide

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Welcome to the Silent Nights: The Pianist walkthrough on Gamezebo. Silent Nights: The Pianist is a hidden object game created by Dark Blue Games. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints and a strategy guide on how to complete Silent Nights: The Pianist.

General Tips

This hidden object game requires visiting several locations and using inventory items to advance play.

- Play is mostly linear although there are some options for the order in which to explore locations.

- Begin play by selecting a mode:
Casual - Hint and Skip button recharge faster. Active zones are highlighted by sparkles.
Challenge - Hint and Skip buttons recharge slower. There are fewer sparkles.

- Playing modes cannot be changed during the game. Create a new profile and restart play a different mode.

- Hidden object scenes contain items listed in red lettering. These items require an extra step to find.

- Collector's Edition Extras includes a bonus story, wallpapers, concept art and music.

- Options include added brightness for scenes as well as widescreen correction, sound volume control and custom cursor selection.

- Always move the cursor around a scene. Watch the cursor to see if it changes into a hand, gears or magnifying glass.

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Silent Nights: The Pianist
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Silent Nights: The Pianist: A getting started guide
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