Top Eleven gets spiffy new interface, Club Shop to get its brand on

Top Eleven
The number one sports game on Facebook just scored a fresh coat of paint. Nordeus has updated Top Eleven with a brand new, streamlined user interface, complete with 3D visuals, kits and icons, we're told. The Serbian developer has also introduced the Club Shop to Top Eleven, a place where players can purchase everything that's available in-game.

This portion of the update also provides players with a place to store items purchased with either Tokens or Cash. But more importantly for Nordeus, this update paves the way for some imminent branding pushes. Since this update focuses on easily shopping for and storing items, we imagine that branding will come through in virtual goods, like most games on Facebook.
Top Eleven new UI
However, according to Nordeus co-founder and CEO Branko Milutinović, this is only the beginning:
We've introduced the club shop as a new feature this week to build a stronger relationship with the real world and brands. It's the first of many updates we've got planned for the next few months, all of which have been made possible thanks to the number of top developers joining our team. Today our 50th team member joined and we've got no intention of stopping our growth there! There'll never be a final whistle for us and we're looking to continue to invest in Top Eleven and conquer new markets. With the ever growing size of the company we can bring out even more new features and titles much quicker. Watch this space.

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