Yeti Town's 6waves Lolapps deals in big on mobile with 16 game makers

6waves LolappsSocial games publisher 6waves Lolapps (6L) had a taste of mobile game goodness when it acquired Yeti Town maker Escalation Studios. Now, the company wants a full course meal, as it has announced a whopping 16 publishing agreements with independent mobile game developers. The publisher has also announced mobile publishing terms for interested game makers. The 16 game developers that have signed on to make games under the 6L label span the globe:

  • 42 Games, Hong Kong
  • August Impression, China
  • Big Blue Bubble, Canada
  • Brainz Games, Colombia
  • Harebrained Schemes, US
  • iLogos, Ukraine
  • KOD Games, China
  • Leiyou, China
  • Mindstorm Studios, Pakistan
  • Oxyful, China
  • Shiny Shoe, US
  • Signus Labs, Russia
  • Sixits, US
  • Winlight, Japan
  • XIGANTIC/Playviews, US
  • xKey Media, US

With these 16 game makers, the terms of each publishing agreement varies from funding to localization and beyond. As for where the games will eventually be found, 6L SVP of publishing Jim Ying is focused on helping make most of these developers' releases cross-platform affairs.

"Most of the games are going to be both iOS and Android. For a lot of these developers, and also our take, we're platform agnostic," Ying tells us. "It's about bringing the great content that they've come up with to as many consumers as possible regardless of what platform they're on."

As for 6L's universal publishing terms, the company will promise interested mobile game makers a $100,000 investment if their games in question pique the publisher's interest. Amidst the ongoing legal scuffle between 6L and Triple Town creator Spry Fox, this appears to be 6L's attempt to show that it's serious about the independent game scene, especially on mobile.

"The path that we want to take is that, clearly given our history of partnering with indie developers and launching over 100 games on the social side," Ying says, "we are strong supporters of the indie community--and teams of three to five to 10 to 15--we're building great games. We're gonna let our work speak for itself."

Are you excited to see what comes from these 6L-backed developers? With deals like this, will 6L be able to compete with the lot of mobile game publishers? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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