The Top Five Pokémon Clones on Facebook, iPhone and iPad

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Because if Nintendo won't do it, we may as well move on to the next best thing. Between Zynga's own Pokémon-like game hitting Japanese iPhones and not one, but two Pokémon scam apps causing a ruckus on the App Store, it was about time we recognized the greats. Without further ado, here are the top five Pokémon clones on Facebook and iPhone:
Monster Galaxy Facebook

Monster Galaxy (Gaia Online)

Basically the OG of Pokémon-style games on Facebook, Monster Galaxy cuts the fat of the original (i.e. the walking) and gets straight to the good stuff: the battles. Players stack their Moga up against various other wild or owned Moga in turn-based bouts.

Even your options are like those in Pokémon: four abilities per monster plus some helpful items including the proverbial PokéBall, the Starseed. For what it's worth, Monster Galaxy sports stunning hand-drawn artwork and an upbeat soundtrack that's rare in Facebook games much less Pokémon-style games.
MinoMonsters on iPhone

MinoMonsters (Josh Buckley)

There are definitely comparisons to be drawn between not just MinoMonsters and Pokémon, but between the former and Monster Galaxy, especially since it's on iPhone and iPad. However, this $.99 reboot of the developer's Facebook endeavor certainly sets itself apart where it counts.

Download MinoMonsters here >

MinoMonsters offers players exactly what they love about Pokémon, again, the battles. But this game focuses much more on cinematic combat it seems than strategy, as monsters only have three attacks in its gorgeous fight scenes. Plus, it packs multiplayer from the get-go.
Mystic Guardians Facebook

Mystic Guardians (DJArts Games)

This is likely the most literal Pokémon clone you'll find on Facebook, as Mystic Guardians features both the isometric traveling and conversing element of the source material plus the battles. However, the combat system in this game doesn't appear to be as robust as its competitors.

Unfortunately, while we're at it, the game's artwork just doesn't have the same wow factor as, say, Monster Galaxy or MinoMonsters. That said, if you're looking for a true-to-life Pokémon experience on Facebook with some social features to boot, then look no further.
Monster Galaxy iPhone

Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands (Gaia Interactive)

Gaia Interactive's mobile take on its successful Pokémon-esque social game, Monster Galaxy for iPhone and iPad does lose quite a bit in translation. For one, the battle system isn't nearly as sophisticated or complex as its Facebook counterpart.

Download Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands here >

However, it does introduce a skill-based mechanic through timed attacks (and it keeps the zodiac-inspired monster type matching game alive). While the game has no multiplayer to speak of, at least it looks mighty nice, and it'll serve as a fine companion for devout fans.
Monster Story Facebook

Monster Story (Phoenix Age)

We'd like to take this time to remember the lost Pokémon clones, those forgotten to the ever-flowing passage of time (or ripped from the platform, who knows). Monster Story wasn't just a Pokémon clone, it was an homage to two insanely popular games.

Download Monster Story here >

What we mean by that is that Monster Story managed to incorporate the familiar feeling of "gotta catch 'em all" with the physics-based, addictive strategy of Angry Birds to make one mean Facebook game. Sadly, for whatever reason it couldn't hang, so here's to you, Monster Story.

What's your favorite Pokémon on Facebook, iPhone or elsewhere? How badly do you want to see the real deal on one of these platforms? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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