Angry Birds Space takes Rovio's babies to the final frontier March 22

Angry Birds Space
Where the Angry Birds are going, they won't need slingshots. What they will need, however, are space suits (and lots of oxygen tanks). Rovio has revealed Angry Birds Space, the next major mobile game in the Finnish game developer's storied franchise. Yahoo Games scored the details on the next Angry Birds adventure, which is set to hit unspecified (e.g. iOS and Android) mobile devices on March 22.

Fine, the Angry Birds will still use slingshots, but considering they're in space, we don't quite get why. At any rate, Angry Birds Space will have players fling the wingless birds with reckless abandon in zero gravity. Playing on these new planets will lead to interesting new play hooks, like slow-motion puzzles and "lightspeed" destruction, according to Yahoo.

Here's the clincher: Rovio has signed on both NASA and National Geographic as launch partners, so you can expect those floaty space physics to be spot on. The majority of Angry Birds staples will return, like the star rating system, but brand new birds will appear alongside the original crew. This time, however, those classic birds will have some new powers to try out.

Rovio looks at Angry Birds Space to be its biggest release since it hit iPhones in 2009, but we'd go so far as to say that this game is the developer's most important release. Angry Birds has experienced staggering growth, but Rovio has also promised to bring new play concepts to the table. Rovio will also go on an all-out media frenzy to accompany Angry Birds Space, so expect to see the game everywhere you go come March 22.

[Via PocketGamer]

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