Top Shot on Facebook has no Cupid's arrow, but lots of guns will do

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Top Shot on Facebook PreviewIt's kind of odd to launch a Facebook game filled with guns on on as lovely a holiday as Valentine's Day. (Independence Day would have been more appropriate.) We'll look past it, however, because the A+E Networks Digital Media's take on Facebook games here looks like it could spark a trend. Though, the game has only released in preview to coincide with the season premier of Top Shot.

As of this writing, only a single-player level is available, a target-filled shooting gallery. Considering this game is heavily branded by the History Channel's show, developer Fifth Column Games's social take on the hit reality show likely won't feature any combat. However, players will have to master each weapon through practice, competing on a challenge ladder with their friends.

The focus here seems to be on the action of Top Shot, rather than the strategy or logistics. For instance, the game will replay the sickest, most explosive shots made in slow motion. It doesn't get any more "Matrix" than that. And this will be far from the last History Channel-branded game you see on Facebook. (Next stop, Ancient Aliens?)
Top Shot on Facebook
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Top Shot on Facebook has no Cupid's arrow, but lots of guns will do
"Many of the shows on History have elements that lend themselves well to creating great games," Fifth Column Games president Andrew Marsh said in a release. "We are constantly evolving Pawn Stars: The Game to keep our fans happy. As a result, Pawn Stars has been played over 200 million times." Top Shot launches in full in March.

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