Solitaire Blitz by PopCap will dive into Facebook for real this March

Solitaire Blitz
At the moment, PopCap's just dipping its toes. We'll stop with the water references already and inform you that PopCap has announced that Solitaire Blitz will formally launch on Facebook this March. The EA-owned game studio's social take on Solitaire sneaked onto Facebook recently in a live test, but already looked polished enough for release save some needed tweaks.

It's safe to say that PopCap is working on those tweaks right now to ensure Solitaire Blitz is ready for its big debut in March. Well, the game will technically launch before then, as PopCap will employ a "gradual beta launch" until it becomes available to all Facebook gamers. In fact, the game will be on display at PopCap's publisher's Spotlight EA events in the U.S. and Europe today.

Solitaire Blitz is an aquatic-themed version of the classic card game with PopCap's trademark Blitz play hook dutifully applied. The game has players dig for buried treasure by running down stacks of cards in numerical order. And of course, it wouldn't be a Blitz game without numerous power-ups and friendly leaderboards. When Solitaire Blitz lands next month, you can bet we'll be knee-deep in it. We just couldn't resist one last water reference--deal with it.

Click here to play Solitaire Blitz (in its early state) on Facebook Now >

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