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bubble spinner game of the day
Take a quick look at Bubble Spinner and you'll see relaxing music, colorful bubbles, and apparent simplicity; just an easy bubble shooting game. However, you couldn't be more mistaken, Bubble Spinner is ridiculously hard!

It's also addictive. Knock bubbles off the spinner by grouping at least three bubbles of the same color. However, miss too many times and more bubbles will get slapped on. If you manage to clear the spinner, your combo will increase and the level will reset.

Like I said, Bubble Spinner is hard. If you manage to get over 500 points, I'll be very impressed. I consider myself to be a pretty good bubble spinner, but I only scored 497 on my best run. Hopefully you can do better, good luck!

Click here to play Bubble Spinner!
bubble spinner game of the daybubble spinner game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • Once your familiar with aiming and shooting bubbles, start banking bubbles of the side walls to get those hard to reach groups. After mastering that, start banking your shots off two walls to get groups all the way around the spinner.
  • Don't get frustrated, the bubble arrangement is random. This means that you might have a really easy spinner one round, but next round will be extremely difficult. Just keep playing.
  • If there isn't a group of the correct color, check out what color your next bubble is going to be. Then use the first bubble to rotate the spinner so the next bubble has an easy shot.

Click here to play Bubble Spinner!

What do you think of Bubble Spinner? Were you able to beat my score of 497?
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