The Angry Birds will not crash-land on the stock market in 2012

Angry Birds huge
If Rovio went public this year, then its Angry Birds wouldn't nail their first flight from the nest. Peter Vesterbacka, marketing head of the Finnish mobile game maker, said as much to Reuters. "We are not in a rush. This year is way too early for an IPO, there are too many open things, and we are in a very early stage of the Angry Birds life cycle," Vesterbacka told Reuters.

However, speaking to the possibilities of an initial public offering (IPO), Rovio did say that it's looking at either New York or China as the base for its IPO, which could put the Angry Birds masterminds' worth at $1 billion or more. "Hong Kong is very interesting, absolutely, but again it is totally dependent on how markets develop," Vesterbacka said to Reuters. "Asia is where all the people are, and future growth."

While 2012 will not be the year the Angry Birds fly into the stock market, it will be year they fly into new game genres. Rovio has already made clear that it wants to release several new kinds of Angry Birds games in 2012. And, as if the peeved parrots weren't already damned near everywhere, Rovio plans to expand its money-printing franchise to even more platforms. IPO or not, 2012 will probably be another huge year for the wingless WMDs. The surly squawkers. The--we could do this all day.

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