Tweet Land on iPhone is social all right, but not how you would expect

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Tweet Land on iPhone
It's games like Tweet Land that make this writer oh, so thankful for Kickstarter. Costa Rica-based WhyIdeas and Tree Interactive have collaborated to bring their mobile pride and joy, Tweet Land, to your iPhone this Jan. 31, thanks to Kickstarter (a crowd sourcing tool for funding new creative works). The short of it is this: a game that uses live tweets to change play.

The long of it, however, is that Tweet Land uses keywords found within tweets in real time to change this retro-themed endless runner's play on the fly. If someone out there posts a tweet with the word "Godzilla" in it, expect a green, scaly monster's foot to land on the road as you're racing down Route 140. Did someone really just tweet about an incoming zombie apocalypse? Yup, because it's happening in your game right now.

It sounds like a brilliant concept for a mobile social game on paper, but we don't know exactly how many keywords the folks at WhyIdeas and Tree Interactive accounted for. If it's anything close to the 20,000 keywords packed within 5th Cell's puzzler Scribblenauts, then rest assured. Tweet Land is far from a social game in the traditional sense, but the fact that it uses a social network to literally change up your game in real time is social enough.

The term "social game" has always been a nebulous one, anyway. Now, some game makers look to maybe, just maybe make the term all the more foggy, but hopefully even more fun. Tweet Land hits iPhone on Jan. 31 for $1.99, with a free version short after.

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