Game of the Day: Sewer Fever

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Sewer Fever
Mention pizzas, ninjas, and sewers in one breath and most folks would bet you're talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Then again, you could be talking about today's Game of the Day: Sewer Fever. Developed by the Quebec-based game studio, Sarbakan, Sewer Fever is a simple action flash game that puts you in the role of a pizza-eating, staff-wielding, ninja ass-kicking dude named Tanner whose friends have been kidnapped.

To rescue Tanner's friends, eat pizza to make Tanner spin his staff, which in turn, will destroy stuff. (Make sure you don't run out of pizzas!) Avoid getting caught by the ninjas. (If you're nabbed five times, it's game over!) Stay away from green ooze and remember to eat your veggies (but don't smash them with your staff). Are you ready for some kung fu fighting?

Click here to play Sewer Fever!
What level and how high a score did you get in Sewer Fever?
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