Triple Town to soon trick out iPhone, iPad with cross-platform to come

Triple Town iPhoneWe here at love us some Triple Town, the Kindle game that recently made the leap to Facebook and Google+. And indie developer Spry Fox knows that we're not alone in our love for the town of threes. Spry Fox told Inside Social Games (ISG) that it's working on a standalone version of Triple Town for iOS devices. Soon after, players will get work on the same towns that they've cultivated on social networks (i.e. cross-platform).

"All we can say is really soon," Spry Fox CEO and co-founder David Edery told ISG, referring to when Triple Town will hit iOS devices. "We haven't submitted to Apple yet, but we're close. We have every intention of making it cross platform, timeline T.B.D." While there are no details as to when Triple Town will hit iPhone or iPad, Edery did get into some recent changes made to the Google+ and Facebook versions of the game, like a new premium currency known as "Diamonds".

According to Edery, the reason for adding a premium currency now was to allow the developer to continue to be more generous with ways for players to accumulate coins, which can buy the more important items in Triple Town. (In other words, game designers need to eat, too, you know.) But what about that game that beat Spry Fox to the punch on iPhone, Yeti Town?

"When we saw it we thought it was very similar and I've seen many articles that say things like 'swap bears with yetis and ice cubes with gravestones and you've got Triple Town,'" Edery told ISG. We were disappointed to see that. We felt it was not something that another game company should do to an indie like us, but what can you do?"

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