The Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games - December 2011

Zero DollarsWe all already know that this year will soon come to a close, and if you didn't ... you probably don't live within civilization. (You're also likely not even reading this, so why are we talking to you again?) At any rate, 2011 has been one helluva year for more reasons than you care to read on a gaming blog, so let's get right to what matters, shall we?

While the entire year has seen more gems than we could fit on both of our top 10 lists for free iPhone and Android games, let's see what freebies came out on top this month, arguably the biggest month of the year for mobile games. If you didn't get an App Store gift card for Christmas/Hanukkah, you're in luck. There are plenty of top notch games out there for ya for free (as of this writing):

Top Free iOS Games

1. Temple Run
Imangi Studios has dropped one mega hit of an endless runner, so much so that it made our top 10 for all of 2011. Endless runners (see: Jetpack Joyride, Canabalt) are dime-a-dozen on the iPhone, but Temple Run does much to innovate the genre. Now from the perspective of behind the runner, tap and swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles.
Sonic and Sega Superstars Racing
2. Sonic & SEGA Superstars Racing Free
You know, this is exactly why Mario Kart would sell like gangbusters on the iPhone. Likely thanks much to its recent spot on an iPod Touch commercial, SEGA's kart racer follows the beloved kart racer formula: throw iconic video game characters into goofy go-karts, give them some explosive items and crazy tracks to race around in. Instant win.

3. Pet Shop Story
TeamLava's pet shop simulator allows players to, well, run their own pet shop. It's about as self-explanatory as any Facebook game. However, what's interesting about this simulator is that players can breed their type of dog, and get as goofy with the combinations as they wish. Ever wanted a Bichon Retriever? Boom.

4. Social Girl
We're not quite sure why CrowdStar's new game is on the list. Granted, this game isn't targeted toward this particular writer, but even so: There's nothing visibly social about this game whatsoever. For what it's worth, some ladies and gents out there must find it appealing.

Zombie Takeover5. Zombie Takeover
Pocket Gems has created a reversal on the typical zombie survival sub genre with Zombie Takeover. Rather than thwart a zombie apocalypse, you are the zombie apocalypse, sending wave upon of unique zombies and monsters to overrun various locales. Hey, at least it sounds different than most.

6. Pocket Prize
This is a digital grab machine by Outblaze Ventures. That's about it, really. Seriously, you manipulate a digital grab machine claw with touch controls, grab stuffed animals and view them in a display case. The App Store confuses us sometimes.

7. Bejeweled Blitz
Is there really much else to be said of Bejeweled? This version is the result of a re-release by EA and PopCap, separating what was once Blitz and Bejeweled 2 into this and a much-improved version of the single-player game. Look, just download it already, will ya?

8. Pocket Potions
A strange take on the tired simulator genre, Breaktime Studios made Pocket Potions likely in an attempt to mix things up. While you don't exactly create the potions yourself, you can transform your patrons with the brews you create. An interesting enough twist, we guess.

9. Angry Birds Free
Hey, look at this nifty Angry Birds Christmas lights display!

10. Where's My Water? Free
Disney's proverbial answer to the Angry Birds craze has shown that it has legs. Rather than puzzles of destruction by bird, Where's My Water plays with fun water physics to create that easy-to-learn-but-hard-to-master play hook. This free version offers levels not found in the paid version.

Top Free Android Games

Word Search1. Angry Birds Free
Whoa, is that another Angry Birds Christmas light display? Awesome!

2. Words With Friends Free
Look, if Alec Baldwin plays it, this game must be cool, right? Jokes aside, this is probably the best way you could ever spend the last few megabytes you have on your phone's data plan.

3. Fruit Ninja Free
Think you can do better than this kitty? Well, go on and download Halfbrick's must-have and prove it ... but you gotta' play like the cat does. Otherwise, it just wouldn't be fair.

4. Angry Birds Seasons Free
Crap, we've run out of cool Christmas light displays to show you. Um, did you know Angry Birds playgrounds are in the works in the game's homeland, Finland? Neat-o, huh?

5. UNO Free
There's a reason why this game made our top free Android game list for 2011, you know. Check out the full list right here to find out why. (It's not that hard to figure out.)

6. Angry Birds Rio Free
Seriously? Hmm ... yeah, we're spent. There's no way you haven't already played the hell out of this game.

7. Word Search
Now, this is something different (finally). By Melimots, this is just as you would imagine a touch-controlled word search game to be, which could be a very good thing. Come to think of it, this would be awesome on Facebo--dammit.
8. Plumber
An interesting puzzle game reminiscent of Candy Train, developer Monsters Game is on to something here. Tap to rotate the various pipes to make a continuous water line leading to the next level.

9. Drunken Pee
The fact that this is a top free app is just ... why? We're not even going to bother describing this one, because we don't want to know, frankly.

10. Drag Racing
A staple on the Android Market for some time, and rightfully so. It's one of the most popular free games on the platform, swerving its way into our overall top 10 for 2011. Thankfully there's more to come from Creative Mobile, like a Facebook version.

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Which of these free games have you tried already? Are there new free games out this month that you think should have climbed up the charts? Tell us about them in the comments. Add Comment.
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