Stardom: The A-List offers you a chance at (virtual) fame on iOS

I think it's a pretty safe bet that everyone has had dreams of fame and fortune at one point or another. Helping players fulfill those dreams (at least virtually) is Glu's Stardom: The A-List, a new iOS app for iPhone and iPad. This freemium title combines the energy system and premium currency of major social games (both on mobile platforms and on Facebook) and combines those with mostly linear, story-driven gameplay.

You'll start the game by customizing your star. You've just left your small hometown for a chance at fame in the big city. Of course, like most struggling actors (or actresses), you'll need to perform the occasional odd job to get by. You'll start working at a coffee shop before receiving your first break in a local TV commercial. Add an agent and some helpful friends and you'll climb your way through the "Lists" of stardom - starting at the E-List, and working your way up to the D-List, C-List, etc.

Instead of setting jobs to work and then forgetting them, Stardom asks you to complete these jobs manually using limited amounts of rechargeable energy to complete tasks within each job. For instance, if you decide to work a shift at the coffee shop for some extra cash and experience points early on, you'll need to finish that job by making espressos, grinding coffee beans and so on. Each task requires energy to complete, but works to fill up your star meter in the lower corner of the screen. The job ends when you've either completely filled that star meter, or when time runs out. Some jobs last longer than others, giving you the potential to earn more energy before they're finished, offering even more rewards in the process.

Stardom: The A-List iOS
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Stardom: The A-List offers you a chance at (virtual) fame on iOS

You'll unlock various clothing items and achievements as you level up or simply play the game, and can track how many fans you've earned against other players on the in-game leaderboard. Of course, your virtual life will become more glamorous as you go along, which gives you real goals to strive for, rather than simply completing the same four or five actions over and over again (although, that sort of repetitive waiting game is to be expected as you just start out).

All told, Stardom: The A-List offers a fresh take on the free-to-play genre, with a story to follow and characters to meet and interact with. However, energy runs out a bit too quickly (especially as a new player), forcing you to wait quite a while to actually make any substantial progress. Still, the production values are high and there's the potential for further social features thanks to Facebook Connect, so it might be worth getting in on the ground floor. If you're interested in trying out Stardom: The A-List for yourself, you can download it for free from iTunes.

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