Game of the Day: Liong - The Dragon's Dance

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liong the dragons dance game of the day
Mahjong fans rejoice, because today's Game of the Day is an exciting take on the classic card matching game. In Liong: The Dragon's Dance, the magical Liong dragons have been stolen and it's up to you to save the day.

Liong: The Dragon's Dance is the tradititional game of mahjong with a puzzling twist. Instead of matching cards, you'll have to match cards with the symbols on the dragon that slowly creeps by in each level. But don't take too long, if you let the dragon reach the gate, you'll have to restart the level from the beginning. So whether you're a mahjong master or a complete newbie, check out Liong: The Dragon's Dance below.

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liong the dragons dance game of the dayliong the dragons dance game of the day
What level did you make it to in Liong: The Dragon's Dance?
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