Pangalore's HTML5 game lets you 'POP the CANDY' anywhere, anytime

Pangalore POP the CANDY
Following the launch of its first two games -- ArtFit and Wild West Solitaire -- last month, the social games startup Pangalore has unleashed another HTML5 game. This time, it's a match-2 puzzler called "POP the CANDY", which bears a striking resemblance to Wooga's Diamond Dash after you've stripped it of its candy shop setting.
POP the CANDY playing
But while POP the CANDY shares some of Diamond Dash's mechanics, the objectives differ enough for it to be a new experience. For starters, POP the CANDY doesn't have a 60-second timer and it takes match-2 instead of match-3 to eliminate pieces. You can keep a game going if you're able to fulfill certain goals. For example, Goal #1 involves ramping up 1,100 points, Goal #2 requires 3,000 points, and so on. As long as you keep hitting these goals, the game won't stop. Netting points means scoring as many matches as you can with the blocks they give you from the get-go. You're not going to get more falling down from above. The less leftovers blocks you have, the more bonus points you'll get at the end. (Pro-tip: More than 16 leftover blocks means no bonus for you.) The game will automatically know when you've run out of moves.
POP the CANDY buy coins
Also, you get a limited number of plays that are represented as hearts called "Lives", and one heart takes a half-hour to refill, which seems like an eternity in social games time. You can buy more Lives using Facebook Credits, or you can get Lives as free gifts from friends who are also playing.

Based on the game alone, there's nothing special enough to rope folks in, even if they're ardent puzzlers. But Pangalore's selling point is its commitment to "Universal Play" by using HTML5. This means that all their games are playable on the PC, Mac, Android, and the iOS, regardless of what browser or electronic device that you use. On top of that, your data is saved across the board, so there's no iPhone version or Android version or Facebook version of a game. It's all one game that's playable, anywhere and anytime.

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