Mystery Manor shrouds the iPad in ... hidden-object puzzles for free

Mystery Manor on iPad
Gotcha, didn't we? There will probably be plenty more (arguably better) "gotcha" and "ah-ha" moments where that came from in Mystery Manor on the iPad. Russian developer Game Insight has released its hit social puzzle game to Apple's ubiquitous tablet for the fine price of, well, nothing. Titled "Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure," the hidden-object puzzler looks to build on the franchise's 8 million existing fans across Facebook, Orkut and VKontakte combined.

This take on Mystery Manor takes place in--you guessed it--a mansion full of mystery, spooks and laughs. According to Game Insight, Hidden Adventure, first announced last month, features hand-drawn graphics, four game modes and a "captivating detective storyline." (That last bit we'd have to see to believe.) The play hooks appear to be largely unchanged from its social counterpart, but with the added novelty of touch controls.

The game is free to play, but it's of course governed by an energy system and features plenty of virtual currency to collect. Like its social counterparts, Hidden Adventure allows players to enlist the help of their friends to complete puzzles. It appears that players will interact with friends through an in-game map, foregoing the use of Facebook or Game Center. Hidden Adventure releases just as Playdom hits the iPad with social hidden-object king Gardens of Time. Check out the trailer below, and let the mega match of mystery begin.

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