Facebook shoot 'em up, BigHead BASH, brings licensed toys to the game

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BigHead Bash logoSpicy Horse, the largest Western indie games developer in China, is taking a break from console games to create a side-scrolling, multiplayer shooter for Facebook. Owned by American McGee, this Shanghai-based studio's previous project was a PC and console game, "Alice: Madness Returns", which was a sequel to the highly praised American McGee's Alice that put a dark and macabre spin on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

Spicy Horse's latest game, however, is going to be a social game with a fairly original concept -- players will get to customize their own characters (based on nine choices in the following categories: army toys, stuffed animals, and electronic bots) and buy their creations as real-life vinyl toys. Licensed designs from other IP, such as video game characters and fashion icons, also plan to be available.

Kraftwurx has openly stated that they've signed a deal with Spicy Horse to make these 3D toys possible. Silicornera reports that Spicy horse is "offering a 50% revenue split with content creators" and that they can get interested toy makers in touch with the developer.
Bighead BASH bots
As for the game itself, BigHead BASH is set to land on Facebook next February and will allow for team-vs-team arcade-style death matches. The three pre-designated teams are "Attack Force", "Fluf", and "BOTS". Despite its 3D aesthetic, it's still a 2D game. Other details are sparse at this stage, but you can get a sneak peak of the gameplay from the "Meet Attack Force" game trailer below.

Lastly, you can snag a chance to play the beta by clicking 'like' on the game's official Facebook page.

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