Fantasy Town on iOS: Build a kingdom for magical creatures big and small

Gameloft's Fantasy Town on iPhone and iPad is the latest in a genre of kingdom-building games, set in a magical world filled with fairies, dwarves and talking animals. The game's story is a light one - these magical creatures lived happily until one day an army of nasty monsters led by the Grundel chased them all away. You're left to rebuild a new kingdom for these magical critters, completing quests and playing mini-games along the way.

The game features some colorful, fairly detailed graphics with fun items like houses shaped like mushrooms or flowers and shops that continue in the whimsical theme by offering you a chance to sell potions, train Pegasus, or have your fortune read. This city-builder is incredibly similar in design and function to Zynga's CityVille Hometown, right down to the scrolling category select wheel in the game's store.

As you build different kinds of homes, different kinds of creatures will come live in your town, and you'll receive quests all along the way asking you to build new shops, plant new crops, construct specific kinds of homes and more. You'll complete tasks with energy that recharges over time, as you'd expect from such games. Adding some variety to the game (that is, variety when compared to other city-building games) are mini-games that can be purchased via buildings within the game's store. These mini-games might ask you to tap on monsters before they can reach stranded critters, for instance. In addition, in keeping with the game's "magic" theme, you'll also be able to collect a variety of potions that can be used to speed up tasks, like growing specific types of crops instantly.

Fantasy Town iOS
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Fantasy Town on iOS: Build a kingdom for magical creatures big and small

As any social game should, Fantasy Town allows you to visit your friends' kingdoms either by connecting to friends via Facebook or Gameloft Live. Once there, you can send them gifts or collect a daily visiting bonus. You can't actually complete any tasks in your friends' towns (as of this writing), but if you're familiar with the friend-visiting system of CityVille Hometown, you'll know this doesn't really altar things, as it's the exact same setup.

For a freemium title (you can purchase decorations or complete tasks with premium currency), Fantasy Town is a fairly standard offering. The graphics and theme are quite cute and charming, and the mini-games do give you something to do while waiting for businesses to operate or crops to grow, but whether or not it will end up on your standard rotation of games will ultimately depend on how many other like-games you've already dedicated your time to. Want to try a new city-builder with a magical twist on your iOS device? You can now download the game for free on iTunes.

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