Alec Baldwin's love for Words With Friends got him booted off a plane

Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin really digs Zynga's Word With Friends, and an American Airlines flight attendant didn't like that so much, apparently. CNN reports that the actor was allegedly kicked off of a plane sitting on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport after an attendant confronted him for playing the mega popular Scrabble-style mobile game.

"Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt," Baldwin tweeted on Tuesday. The 30 Rock star seems to have taken the incident in stride, and soon after tweeted, "Now, as I was kicked off this flight, the word I was playing was UNITED." We think you get the joke.

Now, it's not clear whether Baldwin was kicked off of the airplane specifically for playing Words With Friends, as American Airlines refused to comment on exactly why the actor was removed from the plane and onto another flight. Baldwin continued his zingers against the airline, later tweeting that the company is "where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950's find jobs as flight attendants." Ouch!

When CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin tagged the actor in a tweet asking about Words With Friends, Baldwin (the actor) admitted, "It's...well....addicting," according to CNN. We feel your pain, Baldwin. Actually, we bet Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Jimmy Fallon are right there with you.

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