Halfbrick will open a whole new studio just for the Fruit Ninja sequel

Real-Life Fruit Ninja
In this case, it's 100 percent OK to let out a ninja cry like this dude. Those around you will understand once you tell them it's because you found out that Fruit Ninja creator Halfbrick plans to open a whole new studio just for the sequel to the iconic mobile game. The Brisbane, Australia-based game maker announced that, after a $3 million funding injection into the industry by state officials, it will open a new studio in Sydney and hire a new team to make the long-awaited second Fruit Ninja game.

"The new Sydney team will develop the next evolution of the Fruit Ninja games franchise," New South Wales deputy prime minister Andrew Stoner told Develop. "It will involve players launching a series of fruit to knock ninjas off their towers in a 3D world, with each fruit having special powers." In short, it will be remarkably different from the first game.

That's a relief, considering Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots did enough to flesh out the classic fruit-flaying gameplay to be worthy of the word "sequel". According to Stoner, the game is due out in 2012 for iOS devices initially. Though, we're sure Halfbrick will go platform crazy with this version as well, slapping the game onto Android, Facebook and even Xbox 360 Kinect. This news almost gets us excited enough to act like this guy ... almost (NSFW):

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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