Hey, if Angry Birds can do it: Fruit Ninja gets its very own plush toys

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Fruit Ninja plush toyLook, if the creator of Angry Birds can put out a cookbook for Pete's sake, then Fruit Ninja can get its own official plush toys. Here's the thing, Halfbrick: Rovio has a cast of adorable characters with which to make plush toys. You have ... an old guy and some fruit--not exactly ready to leap off the shelves. Nevertheless, the Fruit Ninja maker has released two official plush toys.

The first is a plush version of the sensei you see in the game daily (we know it's daily) for $15.99. The second? A watermelon with eyes and a headband that's split in half for $14.99. Wait a second, the watermelon has eyes and a headband! That looks freaking adorable, now take us to where we put the magic numbers in. Now that we're out 15 bucks, it looks like Fruit Ninja has finally "arrived". (You can also buy both in a bundle for $29--some deal, huh?)

Well, we'd take the fact that Halfbrick plans to open a studio dedicated entirely to the Fruit Ninja sequel as evidence of that. But really, we're smelling a trend here: Not only is Rovio in on the plush toys now, but so is Zynga with more FarmVille plush toys than we can afford shake a stick at. And if Fruit Ninja has arrived, where are our customizable Sims plush toys?

[Via TechCrunch]

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