Zynga offered the Angry Birds maker $2.25 billion, and it walked away

FarmVille madnessWe're just as baffled as you are, trust us. According to a recent New York Times report citing three anonymous sources, the FarmVille maker offered Angry Birds creator Rovio $2.25 billion in cash and stock this summer ... and the Finnish company passed. While this isn't the focus of the report, it's the most interesting news within the piece. Why?

The report largely echoes several stories from the past year: Not everything is as magical and wonderful at Zynga is one might think. (But it does make you wonder how or why a company would turn down over two billion clams.) According to the New York Times, a quarterly staff survey at Zynga garnered over 1,600 responses with "plenty of criticism, including one person who said he planned to cash out and leave after the initial public offering."

Zynga thrives on a ruthless culture, according to the New York Times, and that goes beyond what the recent Wall Street Journal report revealed. The report goes on to unveil that employees are "constantly measured" and are expected to meet intense deadlines. The pressure reportedly reaches breaking points, or outbursts from CEO Mark Pincus and other senior staff that drive some employees to tears.

By the same token, it's said that Zynga rewards employees with lavish trips to Las Vegas when the company hits milestones. All in all, this news is reminiscent of reports like Pincus's choice words to his designers and practices employed by the company early in its life. In other words, Zynga is under fire yet again, just before its imminent initial public offering. But seriously, what drives you to turn down $2.25 billion?

[Image Credit: Mickey Duzyj]

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