Mafia Wars 2 Black Friday Sale: All Gold and Cash 50% off

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Have you started to climb your way from the bottom to the top of your own crime ring in Zynga's recently released Mafia Wars 2? Looking to get ahead a bit quicker by spending some Gold or Cash? Why not purchase some extra Gold or Cash on sale via the game's Black Friday sale?

For one day only, all Gold and Cash packages are marked down by half - a 50% savings. You'll be able to head to the game's "Add Gold and Cash" page to see five Gold packages (the premium currency), and five Cash packages, each marked down by half. For your reference, the cheapest Cash bundle is $5.30 and gives you 7,500 Cash, while the most expensive bundle costs $132.50 and gives you 270,000 Cash. But, since I know you're all here for the Gold deals, here's a more in-depth rundown of those:

  • 75 Gold - $5.30 (originally $10.60)
  • 170 Gold - $10.60 (originally $21.20)
  • 465 Gold - $26.50 (originally $53.00)
  • 1,000 Gold - $53.00 (originally $106.00)
  • 2,700 Gold - $132.50 (originally $265.00)

Even though these packages are marked half off, there's still the ability to spend a serious amount of your own money for Gold. If you go for broke, that 2,700 Gold will be a surefire way to launch yourself ahead a few levels, or outfit your character with the best items money can buy. Just remember to save a few Gold for the future, as you never know when you'll be given an offer you can't refuse...

Will you stock up on Gold or Cash in Mafia Wars 2's Black Friday sale? Sound off in the comments.
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