Lucky Space update hits the (new) desert, and we have pics [Exclusive]

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Lucky Space content update
Wait a tick: Wasn't the first planet essentially a desert that was just all ... purple? At any rate, A Bit Lucky has released a major content update to Lucky Space with a brand new planet to explore that looks more traditionally "desert". The update allows the game's 280,000 monthly players to complete time-sensitive missions and compete in a new scoring system.

According to A Bit Lucky, the timed missions are generally set in three, five or seven-day intervals. For instance, one of the new timed missions on the desert planet, Red Gold, tasks players with mining as much ore as possible in three days. Should they mine enough ore, players will earn Space Bucks and other rare items for their colonies. It sounds like the new scoring system will contain friendly and global leaderboards, and we're guessing those will include these new timed missions.
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Lucky Space update hits the (new) desert, and we have pics [Exclusive]
"Since launching Lucky Space earlier this fall, we've been hard at work creating new content to keep our fans entertained and engaged," A Bit Lucky director of product management Whalen Rozelle said in a release. "The addition of challenges, leaderboards and trophies are sure to bring out the competitive nature of gamers, adding another dynamic to the game."

Based on these exclusive screen shots provided by A Bit Lucky, it looks like more of the same but on a new rock and with more pressure to win. We love hearty competition as much as the next gamer, but we just hope this new content in Lucky Space takes on the same humor as its launch. Keep breaking that fourth wall, guys--no, seriously. It's hilarious.

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